Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Good morning all and everyone.

Today is a blah blah day. Its warm but rainy, so humidity level is up and so is pain level.
Sonny and I are both suffering from spider bites. Didnt know where they were coming from, until steven checked out the greenhouse room upstairs... lo and behold....
See all those glowy dots? I assure you they are not  stars..but...SPIDERS!
Yes SPIDERS. baby spiders.

Ive got bites and so does Sonny. Needless to say I have been on a regimen of benedryl around the clock to keep the effects of the bites away.
So needless to say, I have been laying a bit low.
Will try to write again later on.

Dspecially if something fun and interesting happens..
Have a great day..leave a comment..pweeze. love you all.

some thing i found interesting

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