Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26,2016

Ahh , again no posts for a few  days. Haven't been up to much due to pain level. Hips legs and spine mostly. I am hoping that this will pass soon.
We are having one of Steven's co workers for dinner tonight. Very excited about it.  Her name is Laverne. We decided to go all Italian on this dinner.. The menu?

  • Antipasto: consisting of different Italian meats such as genoa salami, prosciutto,sweet capicola, and soppressata. Along with sliced provolone cheese, a roasted red pepper and garlic tapenade served with italian bread crostini,
  • Chicken parmigiana made with fresh tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella
  • Sauteed green beans with garlic
  • Assorted miniature Italian pastries
  • Espresso coffee
I am hoping to take pictures of the meal. We are really excited and looking forward to this.

Lucky for  me my sister Annette is quite the entertainer so I called to get some advice from her..Well she actually called me, but while i had her on the line.....

Coming from a family of chefs, my grandfather, Nonno Adamo, My Zio Pietro, my dad and my brother..My mother, more than held her own in the kitchen, oh how i miss her cappeletti, and my paternal grandmother, Nonna Domenica did a great job cooking too.

I would love to own one day, a six burner stove with an attached grill and large oven. Come on Lottery. Maybe if we build our home attached to mom and dads house we will be able to have a stove like that.. We will see.
I have a lot of fond memories growing up , and my dad cooking on a huge chef stove in our finished basement. Everything from turkey to prime rib, and cooking steaks on the grill attached to the stove, while different vegetables cooked in huge pots on the stove, as well as the chicken broth heating up to cook moms cappeletti. Oh such sweet memories of food and family holiday dinners....
OK. I'm getting hungry, its close to breakfast time. I need coffee and food.
Will check back later on.
Have a wonderful Friday all.. Much to do today.
Thanks for letting me share my life with you..Love you all.reets

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