Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18,2016

Hi dear family and friends.
I know its been a while since I've updated you, so here I am.

Valentine's Day came and went without much ado. Sonny was sick and we had a mostly quiet day. Mom and dad came for dinner and we exchanged gifts and had a yummy dinner.Steven and Sonny got me stuffed animals..bears.. The one from Sonny is huge. Steven also gave me a box of truffles. Mom and dad gave me sugar free chocolate, a col key ring and a beautiful cameo, as well as  2 pair of colorful diabetic socks. I have diabetic socks i black and white, but these are pink and red! Mom shops and she is just so cool and gets the bestest gifts ever.
My bears from Steven and Sonny
ooops i do believe there is a cookie in there

Cameo from mom and dad

key ring from mom and dad

I have been working on my cards, mostly all for Valentines day. Now I am creating other cards to put in my card file for upcoming birthdays.

My Mandi turned 35 yesterday and her birth seems like yesterday. She has really turned into a beautiful person, inside and out. I really hate that she lives so far away. I miss hanging with her. I miss our talks, i mis us goofing around and i certainly miss the level of attention she gives me.She is a doting daughter and it feels good. I have to say I am quite pleased with both my children. Her and Sonny never stop showing their love for me. I feel very fortunate. I only wish i could see my grand-kids more. We do skype when the occasion arises. I want them to have good memories of me,like I have with both my grandmothers.
My Beautiful Mandi

My two precious children, Mandi and Sonny

We here at home have all had the flu, or colds. This is year 3 that I haven't been hospitalized due to pneumonia or severe bronchitis. I have been monitoring my breathing issues as well as keeping up on my meds. Keeping positive and cautious.

Since I don't have a big social life, I am trying to keep in touch with family and friends by sending cards on their birthdays or just because, to let them know i am thinking about them and to let them know they have a special place in my heart. Too often life goes by, giving up an opportunity to show someone they are special to you, in whatever way. So I am writing this blog, to tear down walls and let  people know whats going on in my life, and giving the opportunity for you all to leave a message or comment. But that certainly isn't a requirement of reading this blog. Just to know I can share is all I need.

Pain level is high the past few weeks. Spine, hip and thigh bone, along with shin bone are all hurting bad. I need to start focusing on meditating and guided imagery .Pain meds aren't touching this pain.

I am enjoying my cuddle time with Steven every night on the reclining love seat. Watching Hogans Heroes and the Carol Burnett show before we fall fast asleep, then wake up around 2 am and go to bed.Its such a wonderful feeling. oh you ask why we don't cuddle in bed? I sleep in the recliner which is near the bed. Due to my health issues and disabilities, sleeping in a bed is impossible.. But we do manage to hold hands!
Well that's it for today. Thanks for reading this and letting me share my life with you.
Have a great night, and until we meet again...xoxo reets

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