Monday, February 8, 2016


Its been a few exciting days.
Saturday, my best friend from NY, Kitty, came down for a visit. She cooked a fabulous meal. She went Italian style and made antipasto, baked ziti and meatballs, and yummy brownies for dessert.  I know, the brownies aren't Italian..but that works. Kit and I stayed up late talking. I believe she is one of the most caring and loving people I know with such a pure heart. Shes also a woman I admire. She runs her own business, she has a drapery workroom, where she does work foe different designers. She does cushions and slipcovers too. she has managed to stay in business through all financial crises. She owns her own home too. Kit comes to visit a few or more times a year. We always buy these tote bags she makes out of designer fabrics. We cant get enough of them :);

here's a few pics i though you would enjoy.

That's kitty and Sonny.

Then on Sunday, my sister Nancy, my niece Tifney and my two grandnieces, Brianna and Addi came to visit.Nancy and Kit were in high school at the same time and haven't seen each other since. That was kind of cool. We gave them all their Christmas presents as well as their Valentines presents.
Oh what a fun time. Tifney, a woman I am so proud of. Raising two young ones alone and doing a great job at it. She i very passionate at everything she does. And shes so funny. I love her sense of humor. He daughter, Bri, who is 13 got along famously with Sonny, which is great because they are cousins. Addi just gets along great with everyone. Well, Bri does too. Addi is a little fireball, and what an actress. The expressions on her face are hallmark card worthy. My sister Nancy is fabulous. This girl works sometimes 7 days a week. She had off yesterday and came down purposely to see me.We talked and hugged and laughed. Shes really a great sister and a wonderful grandmother too! I love that girl so much.
So here are some pics from that visit!

 Brianna is the one with the Minnie Mouse Ears which Sonny gave her for Christmas.

What a beautiful family I have and one to share with Steven also.

My mother use to take a lot of video with her 8mm, camera.. My sister Annette has them and my brother in law Joe had one converted to digital. Here is the first one that he had converted. There are many of them including from our trips to Italy and France. Here is a link to view the first one converted..have fun watching.
You wont know people in the video and most of this is from the early to mid 60's. just a fun part of the past and so many memories.
I hope you enjoy this little segment of my blog.Leave a little comment pweeze..i appreciate and love you all  for taking the time to view this.

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