Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

Hello my family, friends and fellow crafters..
Busy busy.. I know, Im not very diligent in postings..They are many, they are few.  But they are!
Ive gained a new personal assistant. Her name is Liz.
She is an awesome young lady whom we have all grown fond of.Just what the universe ordered!
I've been making cards and planning our "I do x 2". so much work. Plus I have been building a new site which will have a store for all wares. As soon as its  up and running, I will be sure to post the link to it.
In the meantime, here are some newer cards.:

enjoy these. They are going up for sale soon.
Take care my friends...Talk withn you soon again.
Love you all!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

new post YAY march 13, 2016

Hi All.
Its been a rough few weeks again. My pain level has gone up..sigh..But I keep trying to stay busy. The cards I made below are from SVGcuts.com. The egg and shamrock card. The other two are fro Paperwishes card makers club. Sometimes for me its easier to use a kit then try to wrack my brain thinking of designs.

Now I am in a bit of a pickle. My sizzix eclips machine went on the blink.Yes its broken. boohoohoo. So for now, until I figure out what to do, its all hand cutting and designing. My good friend Leo Kowal, who I bought the machine from, through svgcuts, is going to try to help me out, since my machine was idle for a few years due to illness. If we cant get help from sizzix, i will just have to buy a new one.sigh. i dont need this but it is important. 
Leo is now the founder of dreaming tree,http://www.3dsvg.com/, and co founder of svgcuts.com.
Both Mary Rudakas from svgcuts and Leo are amazing artists,creators with a unique flair for svgs. I have shopped around at many other svg sites, but none match their quality and ease of use files..or their prices.
I would highly recommend you take a look at their sites..I promise you will be amazed.
Other than that nothing much new is going on. We celebrated Stevens birthday and also had the pleasure of having my son in law, Albert Valentin,here for the day to partake in the celebration. What a treat.

Happy Birthday Steven.. AND A Happy Birthday to my sister Annette, who was born exactly one day before Steven.. same year,
this is the card I made for her. Again a file from SVGcuts.com

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this today. Im thinking about changing things up a bit, adding a page just for cards, one for daily life..let me know what you think..
Have a wonderful day and I love you all..

Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26,2016

Ahh , again no posts for a few  days. Haven't been up to much due to pain level. Hips legs and spine mostly. I am hoping that this will pass soon.
We are having one of Steven's co workers for dinner tonight. Very excited about it.  Her name is Laverne. We decided to go all Italian on this dinner.. The menu?

  • Antipasto: consisting of different Italian meats such as genoa salami, prosciutto,sweet capicola, and soppressata. Along with sliced provolone cheese, a roasted red pepper and garlic tapenade served with italian bread crostini,
  • Chicken parmigiana made with fresh tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella
  • Sauteed green beans with garlic
  • Assorted miniature Italian pastries
  • Espresso coffee
I am hoping to take pictures of the meal. We are really excited and looking forward to this.

Lucky for  me my sister Annette is quite the entertainer so I called to get some advice from her..Well she actually called me, but while i had her on the line.....

Coming from a family of chefs, my grandfather, Nonno Adamo, My Zio Pietro, my dad and my brother..My mother, more than held her own in the kitchen, oh how i miss her cappeletti, and my paternal grandmother, Nonna Domenica did a great job cooking too.

I would love to own one day, a six burner stove with an attached grill and large oven. Come on Lottery. Maybe if we build our home attached to mom and dads house we will be able to have a stove like that.. We will see.
I have a lot of fond memories growing up , and my dad cooking on a huge chef stove in our finished basement. Everything from turkey to prime rib, and cooking steaks on the grill attached to the stove, while different vegetables cooked in huge pots on the stove, as well as the chicken broth heating up to cook moms cappeletti. Oh such sweet memories of food and family holiday dinners....
OK. I'm getting hungry, its close to breakfast time. I need coffee and food.
Will check back later on.
Have a wonderful Friday all.. Much to do today.
Thanks for letting me share my life with you..Love you all.reets

Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18,2016

Hi dear family and friends.
I know its been a while since I've updated you, so here I am.

Valentine's Day came and went without much ado. Sonny was sick and we had a mostly quiet day. Mom and dad came for dinner and we exchanged gifts and had a yummy dinner.Steven and Sonny got me stuffed animals..bears.. The one from Sonny is huge. Steven also gave me a box of truffles. Mom and dad gave me sugar free chocolate, a col key ring and a beautiful cameo, as well as  2 pair of colorful diabetic socks. I have diabetic socks i black and white, but these are pink and red! Mom shops and she is just so cool and gets the bestest gifts ever.
My bears from Steven and Sonny
ooops i do believe there is a cookie in there

Cameo from mom and dad

key ring from mom and dad

I have been working on my cards, mostly all for Valentines day. Now I am creating other cards to put in my card file for upcoming birthdays.

My Mandi turned 35 yesterday and her birth seems like yesterday. She has really turned into a beautiful person, inside and out. I really hate that she lives so far away. I miss hanging with her. I miss our talks, i mis us goofing around and i certainly miss the level of attention she gives me.She is a doting daughter and it feels good. I have to say I am quite pleased with both my children. Her and Sonny never stop showing their love for me. I feel very fortunate. I only wish i could see my grand-kids more. We do skype when the occasion arises. I want them to have good memories of me,like I have with both my grandmothers.
My Beautiful Mandi

My two precious children, Mandi and Sonny

We here at home have all had the flu, or colds. This is year 3 that I haven't been hospitalized due to pneumonia or severe bronchitis. I have been monitoring my breathing issues as well as keeping up on my meds. Keeping positive and cautious.

Since I don't have a big social life, I am trying to keep in touch with family and friends by sending cards on their birthdays or just because, to let them know i am thinking about them and to let them know they have a special place in my heart. Too often life goes by, giving up an opportunity to show someone they are special to you, in whatever way. So I am writing this blog, to tear down walls and let  people know whats going on in my life, and giving the opportunity for you all to leave a message or comment. But that certainly isn't a requirement of reading this blog. Just to know I can share is all I need.

Pain level is high the past few weeks. Spine, hip and thigh bone, along with shin bone are all hurting bad. I need to start focusing on meditating and guided imagery .Pain meds aren't touching this pain.

I am enjoying my cuddle time with Steven every night on the reclining love seat. Watching Hogans Heroes and the Carol Burnett show before we fall fast asleep, then wake up around 2 am and go to bed.Its such a wonderful feeling. oh you ask why we don't cuddle in bed? I sleep in the recliner which is near the bed. Due to my health issues and disabilities, sleeping in a bed is impossible.. But we do manage to hold hands!
Well that's it for today. Thanks for reading this and letting me share my life with you.
Have a great night, and until we meet again...xoxo reets

Monday, February 8, 2016


Its been a few exciting days.
Saturday, my best friend from NY, Kitty, came down for a visit. She cooked a fabulous meal. She went Italian style and made antipasto, baked ziti and meatballs, and yummy brownies for dessert.  I know, the brownies aren't Italian..but that works. Kit and I stayed up late talking. I believe she is one of the most caring and loving people I know with such a pure heart. Shes also a woman I admire. She runs her own business, she has a drapery workroom, where she does work foe different designers. She does cushions and slipcovers too. she has managed to stay in business through all financial crises. She owns her own home too. Kit comes to visit a few or more times a year. We always buy these tote bags she makes out of designer fabrics. We cant get enough of them :);

here's a few pics i though you would enjoy.

That's kitty and Sonny.

Then on Sunday, my sister Nancy, my niece Tifney and my two grandnieces, Brianna and Addi came to visit.Nancy and Kit were in high school at the same time and haven't seen each other since. That was kind of cool. We gave them all their Christmas presents as well as their Valentines presents.
Oh what a fun time. Tifney, a woman I am so proud of. Raising two young ones alone and doing a great job at it. She i very passionate at everything she does. And shes so funny. I love her sense of humor. He daughter, Bri, who is 13 got along famously with Sonny, which is great because they are cousins. Addi just gets along great with everyone. Well, Bri does too. Addi is a little fireball, and what an actress. The expressions on her face are hallmark card worthy. My sister Nancy is fabulous. This girl works sometimes 7 days a week. She had off yesterday and came down purposely to see me.We talked and hugged and laughed. Shes really a great sister and a wonderful grandmother too! I love that girl so much.
So here are some pics from that visit!

 Brianna is the one with the Minnie Mouse Ears which Sonny gave her for Christmas.

What a beautiful family I have and one to share with Steven also.

My mother use to take a lot of video with her 8mm, camera.. My sister Annette has them and my brother in law Joe had one converted to digital. Here is the first one that he had converted. There are many of them including from our trips to Italy and France. Here is a link to view the first one converted..have fun watching.

You wont know people in the video and most of this is from the early to mid 60's. just a fun part of the past and so many memories.
I hope you enjoy this little segment of my blog.Leave a little comment pweeze..i appreciate and love you all  for taking the time to view this.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Good morning all and everyone.

Today is a blah blah day. Its warm but rainy, so humidity level is up and so is pain level.
Sonny and I are both suffering from spider bites. Didnt know where they were coming from, until steven checked out the greenhouse room upstairs... lo and behold....
See all those glowy dots? I assure you they are not  stars..but...SPIDERS!
Yes SPIDERS. baby spiders.

Ive got bites and so does Sonny. Needless to say I have been on a regimen of benedryl around the clock to keep the effects of the bites away.
So needless to say, I have been laying a bit low.
Will try to write again later on.

Dspecially if something fun and interesting happens..
Have a great day..leave a comment..pweeze. love you all.

some thing i found interesting