Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016

Good Morning!!
No pictures of cards today. I promise! But what a great day!
Mom and Dad are coming for lunch, YAY! I really mean it too. Mom is my best friend. We kibitz together, we laugh, we cry, we scheme.  But mostly, we love each other, unconditionally. Dad is just the greatest. Loves playing devils advocate, has a great sense of humor and is possibly as sensitive as Steven is. He also loves me and isn't afraid to be my dad. When i need a talking to, he doles it out, in the most loving way..I also know to listen when he has something to say, because he doesn't advise unless he really feels the need to, or I ask him to. So needless to say.. I am excited about them coming.
I put on different clothes today, that I haven worn in a long long time, and, the are actually big on me. YAY. I've lost 70 lbs in a year. Not trying ..just happened.  I followed Stevens plan, and use a salad plate as a dinner plate..and there you have it. The mind is a powerful thing.. So that makes me very happy. he he watch out Steven, I'm feeling sexy again. Might even try to fit into my full corset.
A good friend, and adopted daughter, Lauren, is selling Younique Cosmetics. She's a great gal with a beautiful baby girl. She is also my daughters best friend. Check out her Facebook page and get some of her products.
Getting older and being on so many medications, my eyelashes really suffered. The mascara she has gave me a whole new youthful look to my lashes..I highly recommend their products.
Well thats about it for now.  Love all you guys for visiting my blog.Thanks so much. Maybe I will post some family pics later.
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