Saturday, September 26, 2015


So much to do,so many worried,so little time
Sonny has been sick for a month now. Bad body pain,low grade fever. Has been tested for west Nile birus,lymes,and a battery of other tests. Only test came back abnormal was his allergy which level are high. Give it two weeks then go back if he doesn't feel better. Sigh. Steven was just put on antibiotics too. Having a slew of blood work done.chest xrays came back ok.
Pets are suffering with fleas.cookie is highly allergic.she's not feeling well either.

It's been one check of a year.losing bagheera a few weeks ago was hard too.
But I have been crocheting and really enjoying the new stitches I have I'm making an Afghan for Addy. Taking a long time but loving it.
That's all for today. See you all soon.

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