Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day One

Today is the first day of the rest of my life....dont put off till tomorrow what you can do today.. Sayings, those are the first that come to mind.. today..TODAY!

Ive put down my crocheting, my sewing, needle felting, all my artsy crafty stuff that i have been doing all my life and decided to take a plunge into the unknown. the uncharted world of clay.. air dry and oven baked,
I started off with Crayola Model Magic air dry clay.. I created tons of little people, Christmas gifts, little scenes. I loved it. I was getting so enthused. My desk holds two doll house castles that are full of little creatures created by yours truly.. from mermaids, to dragons, to little kids.. penguins, dogs, cats, critters that have no name or identity except for what I desire them to be or become. This was good.. I was totally enjoying them. In choosing the internet as my teacher, then i started to learn more about polymer clay. hmm... oven baked clay.... somewhat intimidating. Mostly because i have a difficult time using our oven I cant reach the knobs from my wheelchair and taking stuff out is a bit hard, challenging.. Christmas came along and my darling sweetheart husband, who always encourages my creativity bought me a clay oven.. Its sort of a simpler model of a toaster oven.. Perfect.. can i say PERFECT??  Now was the time. I had been staring at that little sampler box of polymer clay for about a month... now i have no excuse, so i dove in..
WOW. what an experience. I started by making little what nots from molds.. charms if you will.. now i have a bunch of little sandwich bags filled with what nots that i know not what to do with them. In searching and watching video upon video.. i tried my hand at clay canes. oh what fun.. and more clay canes.. and more.. but now.. what to do with them.. I covered everything I could get hold of.. Little glass candle holders to start with.. then pens, then making journal covers and creating my own little creatures. So now here i am.. making and learning everyday about polymer clay.. I know i have barely touched on what can be made. But i am learning and would love to share with you my makings. Let me know what you think, share any ideas with me but most of all enjoy it and smile.. it makes people wonder what you are up to..

 Journal and notebook covers...


More interesting creations to come!!!!


  1. thanks Mandi and thanks for checking it out. will be posting more pics of other things i made too !!!